Community Safety Program

About Payson's Community Safety Program (CSP)

The object of CSP is to provide a packet of information that includes vital personal data, that in an emergency can be provide to local authorities to aid in the identification and location of lost loved ones. Although the primary effort is directed toward our children, the information provided could be invaluable for every family member should disaster strike.

Expect the Best and Prepare for the worst...

The Payson CSP proram provides parents & guardians or the caretaker of a Senior  with a "kit" of valuable data that can expedite law enforcement's efforts to locate a missing child. This comprehensive kit contains everything needed for an Amber/Senior Alert.

In a matter of minutes, you'll walk away with a "CSP  ID Kit"
that includes everything needed for the Amber/Senior Alert system (and more).
In Fact, it's considered to be one of themost comprehensive child recovery
and identification programs in the nation by the National Center for
Missing & Exploited Children

The Kit
Creating the kit is simple and only takes about 10 minutes start to finish. In the kit, you get the following:

Photo ID Card:
For parents,  guardians or care-takers to carry with them.

Color Photos:
For circulation by police to media throughout the state withinn minutes of a reported child abduction or Senior who may have wandered off.

Digital Fingerprints:
A complete set of laser-scanned fingerprints.

Recorded Interview:
This captures speach, appearance mannerisms that couldn't be disguised by cosmetic alteration.

Obtained by a simple cheek swab (inside mouth). Considered the most accurate and valuable identification tool.

Amber/Silver Alert Profile:
Everything needed for law enforcement to issue and Amber Alert.

The System

The CSP system is comprised of a simple laptop computer loaded with working application, and the supporting peripherals.

The computer and software are used to compile the child or senior's  information into the ID Card and Report format. The information is also stored on the CD that goes into the kit:

Physical Characteristics:
Height,weight, eye/hair color, etc

Parent/Guardian/Caretaker Contact Info:

Physician/Dentist Contact Info:

Digitized Fingerprints:
The software records prints for all 10 fingers. It also verifies the quality of the scan based on the number of recognizable print characteristics.

Digital photos are used to print on the report and ID cards and are stored on the CD.

Video Interview:
The video interview consists of a short video recording of the child or senior responding to a series of questions. Figitting, hair twirling, etc are reactions to being put in a stressful situation, and could assist law inforcement in identifying the child on store videos etc.

The application transfers the personal data, photos, videos, and fingerprints onto the CD for permanent storage. This CD is sent home with the parents in the packet.

In about 10 minutes...
When the CD has been burned, and the ID Card and Report printed, the application then does an ISO binary erase, permanently deleting the child or senior's digital records. The only way this data could be retrieved would be from the CD.
If in the future, the packet information is damaged or lost, the only way it can be replaced is by repeating the process or bringing in the CD to the Lodge for recreation.